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Affiliate Program

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Who can register in this Affiliate Program

Any Indian citizen who are of age 21 & above, and interested in doing affiliate marketing through various digital media like blog, forums, FB, IG, YouTube, vlog, Podcast, etc.

How I can create affiliate link of a product

Generating a referral link to any product is very straight forward, you just need to copy the link of the product you wish you promote then add it in the link generator available in your dashboard, the system will automatically give you the referral link for that product.

Where I can promote products or website

The Referral links can be promoted on any social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Moj etc. You can also add these links to your blog or any other digital asset you own.

How ULIPINDIA Affiliate Program differ from others

Our Affiliate program ensure life long passive income to each Affiliate, as we register each customer as permanent sponsoring  of Affiliate. Whenever a customer doing purchase even without any affiliate links after his first purchase, Affiliate commission will go to sponsored Affiliate account, as long as customers doing purchase from UlipIndia.com, ie; pure Life Long Passive income.