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Network Affiliate Marketing Professional

Benefits of Network Affiliate Marketing Professional (NAMP)

As an ULIPINDIA Network Affiliate Marketing Professional (NAMP) you are eligible to get benefits applicable to Customer + AMP + NAMP

As a NAMP you may get Sales Commission (SC) from your Team 01 as similar to benefits of AMP – No need any Purchase

As a NAMP you may earn monthly Sales Bonus (SB) for each successful sale occurred in your Team 02 to 09 – Shall do some minimum purchase
SB will be paid based on the total Sales Value (SV) of each Teams. From T2 to T3 will get 10% of the total SV of each Team.
From T4 to T9 will get 05% of total SV of each team. Monthly earning ceiling is Rs. 3 Lakhs / 5 Lakhs / 10 Lakhs depend on your Rank.

As a NAMP you are eligible for yearly WEALTH BUILDER benefits, subject to meet required eligibility criteria. List of benefits listed in below chart.

You shall be part of CAN system, means you shall do monthly purchase, Affiliate Marketing and Network Affiliate Marketing in order to qualify as NAMP and its benefits.

Professional Affiliate Marketing Management Services


Take your earnings to the next level with ULIPINDIA’s Network Affiliate Marketing Professional Program. India’s leading Profit-Sharing eCommerce marketplace has an exclusive offering to average Indians (Homemakers, job workers, Work From Home professionals, etc.) who want to do more than just earn active income from an affiliate program and generate opportunities for fellow countrymen. This is precisely the purpose behind ULIPINDIA’s NAMP program, where not only can one earn from their invites but also allows their referrals to earn a decent income. In simplest terms, ULIPINDIA’s NAMP program turns an individual with a decent following into a ‘mega influencer’ generating direct income for their followers.

The NAMP program is catered to individuals that want to earn a higher regular income than what they are already receiving from our AMP scheme. After all, NAMP is the advanced version of our AMP program. If you have a decent social following and leadership quality, then you can easily sign up in just a couple of steps and take advantage of our NAMP scheme. This scheme is open to everyone.

How does it work?

The concept behind ULIPINDIA’s NAMP influencer scheme is quite simple and similar to our AMP program. The only difference between them is that, unlike the AMP influencer program, where an affiliate directly markets the online eCommerce platform to their thousands of followers, in the NAMP scheme, the emphasis is on building teams of social influencers, budding and already established, and earning an active income from their referrals.

In simplest terms, the individual at the top of the chain earns from the efforts made by affiliates under their team. It is a level up on the AMP scheme where the focus is on registering new users to the platform and encouraging them to invest in the portal. The registered influencers would be termed as teams, with the Network Affiliate Marketing Professionals termed as T1 or Team 1. The referred influencers would be referred to between T2 to T9.

Eligibility for the NAMP program

You need to meet qualification criteria to get benefits from the NAMP program. Here is how you can qualify for it before seeking its advantages:

  • The applicant must be a tax-paying citizen of India,
  • Must be over the age of 21,
  • Must be an existing user of the portal, and lastly
  • For NAMP, the applicant must first be a member of the AMP program.
Why sign up with ULIPINDIA’s NAMP scheme?

The question one needs to ask themselves is, why not? ULIPINDIA’s NAMP scheme is an excellent offering for anyone that wants to do more than just provide value to their fellow countrymen. Sure, inviting them to a platform that can fulfill their needs and deliver products at the best prices is great, but ULIPINDIA’s NAMP program does more than just that.

  • Generating earnings opportunities for others: Not everyone has cracked the code on being a successful passive earner. This scheme allows them to make a decent income by simply marketing ULIPINDIA’s portal to their community.
  • Not much effort is required: The participant in the NAMP scheme does not have to do much other than just check on their teams’ performances.
  • Exclusive benefits: Being a wealth generator in ULIPINDIA’s NAMP scheme makes one eligible for the exclusive rewards and benefits.

Now, sign up for this NAMP influencer scheme and get ready to embrace incredible benefits.

Monthly Payout Plan Example - NAMP

  • Step 1

    Suppose Anil joined as NAMP in ULIPindia.com and done his affiliation work by sharing products listed in ULIP or ULIP website itself in the form of a hyperlink to his social circle through his social media like Facebook, Twitter, website, WhatsApp etc.

  • Step 2

    Some people who got that link were interested in that products and purchased it as per their own choice and quantity. NB: Each product have predefined PV and SV values and it may vary product to product.

  • Step 3

    Some of the customers expressed interest to join as AMP and Anil guided them to join as AMP in his Team. In the same manner new members guide others to join as AMP in their Teams. In this manner all these AMPs made a hierarchy Network mix of Customers & AMPs. Assume that network of 09 Teams (T1 to T9) made as down lines to Anil.

  • Step 4

    All these team members used to buy their monthly need products from ULIP along with their routine Affiliate Marketing and Network Building

  • Step 5

    Company will treat all these team members as ANMP because they satisfied company’s CAN concept criteria (Customer + Affiliate Marketing Professional + Network Affiliate Marketing Professional)

  • Step 6

    At the end of month the company will calculate how much sales done BY NAMP Anil through his team work and will pay his Sales Commission & Sales Bonus based on the below chart and total SV of each team.